Noah? 7000A Electronic cleaning agent

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² Excellent environmental performance
² Superior use safety performance
² Efficient cleaning performance
² Low surface tension
² Excellent material compatibility
² Easily volatile and no residue
Product Properties
Physical form Colorless, odorless, transparent liquid
Boiling Point @ 1 atm 54.8℃
Density, Sat. Liquid(25℃) 1.387g/ml
Dielectric strength(2.5mm) >38kV
Dielectric constant 13.78
Resistivity ≧1*1011 Ω. mm
Surface Tension(25℃) 18.65mN/m
Viscosity(25℃) 0.484cst
Saturated vapor pressure(20℃) 26.9kPa
GWP 420

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